The romance, warmth and enduring qualities of granite make it the perfect complement to a well appointed home. Granite countertops are extremely durable and very easy to care for.

These qualities will add real value to your home, well above just the aesthetics. More durable than marble, granite is the choice of many a talented interior designer to give you just that extra lift your look needs.


The kitchen has become the focal point of family life in many homes. No longer just for meal preparation, it is the heart of the home, a place of social interaction between members of the household and intimate friends.

To suit this newfound role, we offer several options to give your kitchen modern attire. Let us be your guide in the transformation, where your dreams become reality.


Long the inner sanctum of the home, the bath is not left out when it comes to options to dress it up. Granite is featured here as well. Countertops and floors are just two areas that are often chosen to be adorned

Subtle treatments, fixtures and fittings appropriate to a well groomed bath are also available, just the thing to transform your bath into the ultimate spa. You know you deserve it.

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